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Candytuft Seeds 'Fairy Mixed' by Country Value

Candytuft Seeds 'Fairy Mixed' by Country Value
 Candytuft Seeds 'Fairy Mixed' by Country ValueCandytuft Seeds 'Fairy Mixed' by Country Value 
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Model:  CV821
Brand:  Country Value

Candytuft Seeds 'Fairy Mixed' by Country Value

One of the easiest of all annuals to grow from seed, this charming flower mixture produces lightly scented,
domed clusters in soft pink, lavender, carmine and white. A fine choice for edging paths and for beds and borders,
Fairy Mixed is one of the prettiest of all summer flowers and is worth a place in every garden.

Candytuft is an easy-to-grow hardy annual which flowers the same year as sowing.
Its seeds can be sown direct in the garden where it is to flower. 

Candytuft’s botanical name Iberis is derived from Iberia, where most of the species in the genus occur.
It does best in well-drained soil in a position in full sun.

Approximately 300 Seeds Per Packet


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