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Basil Minette Seeds By Johonsons Seeds (Approx 300 Seeds)

Basil Minette Seeds By Johonsons Seeds (Approx 300 Seeds)
 Basil Minette Seeds By Johonsons Seeds (Approx 300 Seeds)Basil Minette Seeds By Johonsons Seeds (Approx 300 Seeds) 
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Model:  GC125
Brand:  Johnsons Seeds
Free Pictorial Seed Label:  Yes
Approx Number Of Seeds:  300

Basil 'Minette' Seeds By Johnsons 300 Seeds*

A dwarf, small leaved variety, with lots of flavour. The traditional ingredient in pizzas, but just as delicious in pasta and salads.
Ideal variety to be grown

Indoor Sowing

When; Sow March to May or all year round for indoor pots.

Where; In pots or trays of moist compost.                           

How; Sow thinly, cover lightly with compost. Keep at 15°C to 20°C and keep moist. Seedlings should appear in 7 to 14 days.

Care; If needed, thin plants to other pots or trays. To grow outdoors, Harden off for a few days in late may, but avoid frosts.

Transplant at least 15cm apart, in the plants final growing position. To grow indoors, transplant to 15cm pots of compost. Position in a light and airy location.

Outdoor Sowing

When; Sow May to June.

Where; In final growing position.

How; Sow thinly and cover lightly with fine soil. For a continuous supply, make sowings at three weekly intervals.

Care; If needed, when large enough, thin to 15cm apart in final growing position.


Indoor; All year round.

Outdoors; June to October.

* Approximately 300 Seeds 

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