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Kazco FAQ's

We understand that peoples needs and internet knowledge is extremely varied, so you can bet that if you have a problem or question, someone will have had the same or similar question or problem in the past. You may just find the answer you are looking for, right here;


This is a difficult subject and not one that most clothing retailers accurately inform you about. Let's say you are a lady who normally wears a size 18. It doesn't mean that everything with a size 18 label is going to fit you. There are a few reasons for this.

There are no fixed measurements for clothing sizes, so each manufacturer, makes their version of what they think a size should be. Even if a high street retailer asks a manufacturer to make a garment with specific measurements, they still give the manufacturer a tolerance of 10mm up to 25mm depending on the garment.

It is easy to understand why there are no fixed measurements, as the human body can vary immensely in shape and proportion, meaning no two people are exactly the same.

If that wasn't enough, our bodies can put on or lose weight without us even noticing or though we may weigh the same, where that weight is distributed can also vary from time to time.

The lesson to learn from all this, is check your measurements and the measurements of the garment before making a purchase. Where possible each product will have it's own size guide within the item details. It is also a good idea to find an item of clothing that you already have and fits you well and compare those measurements to those of the item you are thinking of buying. Don't just rely on the items size label.


​When choosing an item, don't use photos as a guide to the length of a garment or sleeve length. If the model wearing the garment is really tall, the garment will look shorter and if the model is short the garment will look longer. The same applies to other areas of a garment, like the sleeves. Some people have longer length arms than others.
Where length is an important factor to you, check the item details for the length. If this is not available send me a message using the contact form and I will measure the garment for you.


When looking at the colours of a garment in a photo, please remember that ALL fabrics look different in different lighting conditions. Also, shades can vary, depending on which device you are viewing the photos and on what your personal screen brightness settings happen to be. There is no solution to this. Therefore, shades of colours may vary in photo's than they do in real life.

Placing An Order & Making A Payment

Q) Can I make a purchase without opening an account?

A) Yes, just select 'Guest Checkout'.

Q) I don't have a PayPal account! Can I still pay by debit or credit card?

A) Yes you can, you don't need a Paypal account to use PayPal. PayPal can just process card payments, like any another card processing company.

Q) Can you take card payments over the phone?

A) No sorry, we don't have the facilities to do this. Remember, giving your card details over the phone is less secure than using a payment gateway like PayPal.


Our returns policy is 14 days. Please contact us before returning an item, you will be sent an email with returns criteria and instructions. Please remember that if you choose to upgrade from our standard shipping, and need to return your purchase for a refund, the upgraded postage is non refundable.

Please ensure that you try items on before removing any tags, or disposing of packaging. Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of people who are less than honest and a few that blatantly make attempts at fraud. We are very experienced at spotting this sort of thing, so please be one of the good ones.

Returns Procedure;

Please message me