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Organic Vegetable & Herb Seed Selection by Johnsons

Organic Vegetable & Herb Seed Selection by Johnsons
Organic Seed Type: Spring Onion 'White Lisbon' SeedsOrganic Seed Type: Sunflower 'Yellow Shades'Organic Seed Type: 25 x 4 Inch Seed Labels
Our Price:  £3.80(VAT Free)

Model:  GC400-ORGANIC-GC809
Brand:  Johnsons Seeds

Organic Vegetable Seeds & Organic Herb Seeds Collection by Johnsons

A great range of quality organic vegetable seeds and organic herb seeds all in one place.

The Johnsons organic seed range is grown by dedicated farmers, using strictly organic methods.
All the seeds have been approved by Organic Farmers & Growers CIC.

           Organic Vegetable Seeds and Organic Herb Seeds

Johnsons Organic Vegetable Seeds & Organic Herb Seeds Selection 
(All seed quantities quoted are approximate)

Organic Aubergine Seeds - Clara F1 (10 seeds) 

Organic Basil Seeds - Sweet (300 seeds) 

Organic Beetroot Seeds - Detroit 2 (275 seeds) 

Organic Broad Bean Seeds - Express (Eleanora) (45 seeds) 

Organic Broccoli Seeds – Calabrese Ramoso (50 seeds) 

Organic Broccoli Seeds - Green Sprouting (150 seeds) 

Organic Brussel Sprout Seeds – Igor F1 (20 seeds) 

Organic Squash Seeds - Early Butternut (10 seeds) 

Organic Cabbage Seeds - Savoy (Bloemendaalse Gele) (30 seeds) 

Organic Carrot Seeds - Nantes 2 (1500 seeds) 

Organic Carrot Seeds Rothild (350 seeds) 

Organic Cauliflower Seeds - Flora Blanca (50 seeds) 

Organic Chard Seeds – Verde a Costa Argentata (125 seeds) 

Organic Coriander Seeds - Cilantro for Leaf (100 seeds) 

Organic Courgette Seeds - Black Beauty (10 seeds) 

Organic Cress Seeds – Curled (2500 seeds) 

Organic Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore 70 (25 seeds) 

Organic French Bean Climbing Seeds Limka (50 seeds)
Organic Dwarf French Bean Seeds – Maxi (50 seeds)

Organic Kale Seeds - Westland Winter (40 seeds)

Organic Leek Seeds - Carentan 3 (400 seeds) 

Organic Lettuce Seeds - Merveille des Quatre Saisons (1250 seeds) 

Organic Lettuce Seeds – Pariss Island Cos (1000) 

Organic Lettuce Seeds - Red & Green Salad Bowl Mixed (750 seeds)  

Organic Onion Seeds - Sturon (200 seeds) 

Organic Parsley Seeds - Moss Curled 2 (500 seeds) 

Organic Parsnip Seeds - Tender and True (350 seeds) 

Organic Radish Seeds - Sparkler 3 (450 seeds) 

Organic Rocket Seeds - (1000 seeds) 

Organic Rocket Seeds – Voyager (1000 seeds) 

Organic Runner Bean Seeds - White Emergo (40 seeds) 

Organic Spinach Seeds - Renegade 1 (250 seeds) 

Organic Spring Onion Seeds – Ishikura (350 seeds) 

Organic Squash Seeds – Winter Early Butternut (10 seeds)

Organic Sunflower Seeds - Yellow Shades (60 Seeds) Producing Organic Edible Seeds

Organic Sweetcorn Seeds - Golden Bantam (35 seeds) 

Organic Sweet Pepper Seeds – Asti Red (10 seeds) 

Organic Tomato Seeds – Ace 55 VF (10 Seeds) 

Organic Tomato Seeds – Cerise (50 seeds)







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