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Tomato Seeds Gardener's Delight by Johnsons

Tomato Seeds Gardener's Delight by Johnsons
 Tomato Seeds Gardener's Delight by JohnsonsTomato Seeds Gardener's Delight by Johnsons 
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Model:  GC261
Brand:  Johnsons Seeds

Tomato Seeds Gardener's Delight by Johnsons

A popular variety producing generous crops of large, sweet tasting
cherry tomatoes on long well filled trusses. Suitable for growing outdoors
as well as in a greenhouse.

Approximately 80 Seeds Per Packet

This is an indeterminate vining type and requires support.

What does 'indeterminate' mean?

If you ever see a tomato variety shown as being 'indeterminate', this means, it will
pretty much, keep growing, like a vine, until it is either killed by a frost or disease.
Therefore the plant will require support and training. Control growth by pinching out
young side shoots and even the growing tip, once it reaches the height you want it to.

If grown in a greenhouse, and you have a lack of pollenating insects to pollinate flowers,
you may find the plant will produce a limited amount of fruit. A good trick, is to use
an electric toothbrush with an old brush head. Touch the truss of flowers with the brush
head so that the vibration makes the flowers vibrate. This simulates the vibration that
a bee would make and pollinates the flowers.


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