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Vegetable Seed Collection by Country Value

Vegetable Seed Collection by Country Value
Seed Type: Artichoke 'Green Globe' (Approx 50 Seeds)Seed Type: Asparagus 'Ariane F1' J (Approx 10 Seeds)Seed Type: Asparagus 'Connover's Colossal' RHSSeed Type: Aubergine Seeds 'Black Beauty' (Approx 150 Seeds)
Seed Type: Aubergine 'Early Long Purple 2' JSeed Type: Aubergine 'Jewel Jet F1' (Approx 10 Seeds)Seed Type: Aubergine 'Jewel Marble F1'Seed Type: Basil 'Minette' J
Seed Type: Basil 'Red Leaved' (Approx 300 Seeds)Seed Type: Basil 'Sweet' (Approx 450 Seeds)Seed Type: Basil 'Thai' (Approx 300 Seeds)Seed Type: Beetroot 'Boltardy (Approx 450 Seeds)
Seed Type: Beetroot 'Chioggia' (Approx 250 Seeds)Seed Type: Beetroot 'Perfect 3' (Approx 200 Seeds)Seed Type: Broad Bean 'Bunyards Exhibition' (Approx 25 Seeds)Seed Type: Broad Bean 'The Sutton' (Approx 35 Seeds)
Seed Type: Broccoli 'Early Purple Sprouting' (Approx 400 Seeds)Seed Type: Broccoli 'Green Calabrese' (Approx 100 Seeds)Seed Type: Brussel Sprouts 'Evesham Special' (Approx 300 Seeds)Seed Type: Cabbage 'Golden Acre' (Approx 400 Seeds)
Seed Type: Cabbage 'Greyhound' (Approx 400 Seeds)Seed Type: Cabbage 'Savoy Vertus' (Approx 300 Seeds)Seed Type: Carrot 'Autumn King 2' (Approx 1750 Seeds)Seed Type: Carrot 'Chantenay Red Cored 2' (Approx 1500)
Seed Type: Carrot 'Chantenay Red Cored 2' MF (Approx 200)Seed Type: Carrot 'James Scarlet Intermediate' (Approx 2000 Seeds)Seed Type: Carrot 'Nantes 5' (Approx 1750 Seeds)Seed Type: Cat Grass (Approx 20g of Seeds)
Seed Type: Cauliflower 'All The Year Round' (Approx 175 Seeds)Seed Type: Celeriac 'Monarch' (Approx 250 Seeds)Seed Type: Celery 'Golden Self Blanching 3' (Approx 600 Seeds)Seed Type: Chard 'White Silver 2' (Approx 200 Seeds)
Seed Type: Chervil 'Simple' (Approx 1000 Seeds)Seed Type: Chives (Approx 370 Seeds)Seed Type: Choy Sum (Approx 500 Seeds)Seed Type: Courgette 'All Green Bush' (Approx 15 Seeds)
Seed Type: Courgette 'Goldena' (Approx 10 Seeds)Seed Type: Coriander (Approx 100 Seeds)Seed Type: Cress 'American Land' (Approx 1000 Seeds)Seed Type: Cress 'Fine Curled' ( Approx 2000 Seeds)
Seed Type: Gherkin Cucumber 'Cornichon de Paris' (Approx 20 Seeds)Seed Type: Cucumber 'Marketmore 76' (Approx 20 Seeds)Seed Type: Cucumber 'Telegraph Improved' (Approx 5 Seeds)Seed Type: Dill (Approx 500 Seeds)
Seed Type: Dill 'Nano' Dwarf (Approx 200 Seeds)Seed Type: Fennel 'Di Firenze' (Approx 250 Seeds)Seed Type: French Bean Climbing 'Blue Lake' (Approx 50 Seeds)Seed Type: French Bean Climbing 'Blue Lake' (100 Seeds)
Seed Type: French Bean Climbing 'Golden Gate'' RHSSeed Type: French Bean Dwarf 'Tendergreen' (Approx 50 Seeds)Seed Type: Garlic Chives (Approx 300 Seeds)Seed Type: Kale 'Amara' Ethiopian (Approx 500 Seeds)
Seed Type: Kale 'Dwarf Green Curled' (Approx 300 Seeds)Seed Type: Kale 'Nero Di Toscana' (Approx 400 Seeds)Seed Type: Kalettes 'Mixed F1' JSeed Type: Kohl Rabi 'Modrava F1' (Approx 75 Seeds)
Seed Type: Lambs Lettuce 'Favor' J (Approx 350 Seeds)Seed Type: Leek 'Lyon' Prizetaker (Approx 500 Seeds)Seed Type: Leek 'Musselburgh' (Approx 400 Seeds)Seed Type: Lemon Balm Jekka's
Seed Type: Lemon Grass Jekka'sSeed Type: Lettuce 'All Year Round' (Approx 1100 Seeds)Seed Type: Lettuce 'Iceberg 2' (Approx 1250 Seeds)Seed Type: Lettuce 'Little Gem' (Approx 1100 Seeds)
Seed Type: Lettuce 'Lobjoits Green Cos' (Approx 800 Seeds)Seed Type: Lettuce 'Red & Green Salad Bowl' (Approx 600 Seeds)Seed Type: Marrow 'Long Green Bush 2' (Approx 8 Seeds)Seed Type: Melon 'Melba' (Approx 20 Seeds)
Seed Type: Mint (Approx 1250 Seeds)Seed Type: Mint 'Applemint' MF (Approx 500 Seeds)Seed Type: Mixed Salad Leaves 'Mild' (Approx 300 Seeds)Seed Type: Mustard 'White' (Approx 1200 Seeds)
Seed Type: Nasturtium Collection MF (6 Varieties)Seed Type: Nasturtium 'Tom Thumb' (Approx 25 Seeds)Seed Type: Onion 'Bedfordshire Champion' (Approx 200 Seeds)Seed Type: Onion 'De Paris' Silverskin (Approx 250 Seeds)
Seed Type: Oregano 'Greek' (Approx 1500 Seeds)Seed Type: Parsley 'Moss Curled 2' (Approx 750 Seeds)Seed Type: Parsley 'Plain Leaved 2' (Approx 500 Seeds)Seed Type: Parsnip 'Hollow Crown' (Approx 400 Seeds)
Seed Type: Peas & Beans Collection (4 Varieties)Seed Type: Pea 'Kelvedon Wonder' (Approx 200 Seeds)Seed Type: Pea Mangetout 'Oregon Sugar Pod' (Approx 60 Seeds)Seed Type: Pepper 'Californian Wonder' Sweet (Approx 60 Seeds)
Seed Type: Pepper 'Chocolate' Sweet (Approx 30 Seeds)Seed Type: Pepper Chilli Hot 'De Cayenne' (Approx 40 Seeds)Seed Type: Pepper 'Chilli Mixed' Hot (Approx 20 Seeds)Seed Type: Pepper 'Colour Spectrum' Sweet MF
Seed Type: Pepper 'California Wonder' Sweet MF (Approx 150 Seeds)Seed Type: Pepper 'Romano Mixed' Sweet MFSeed Type: Pumpkin 'Atlantic Giant' MFSeed Type: Pumpkin 'Big Max' (Approx 8 Seeds)
Seed Type: Pumpkin 'Jack O'Lantern' (Approx 8 Seeds)Seed Type: Radish 'French Breakfast 3' (Approx 700 Seeds)Seed Type: Radish Mooli 'Mino Early' (Approx 150 Seeds)Seed Type: Radish 'Scarlet Globe' (Approx 600 Seeds)
Seed Type: Radish 'Sparkler 3' (Approx 500 Seeds)Seed Type: Cucumber 'Telegraph Improved' MF (Approx 10 Seeds)Seed Type: Rocket 'Salad Leaves' (Approx 750 Seeds)Seed Type: Beetroot 'Mixed Colours' J
Seed Type: Rosemary - (Approx 75 Seeds)Seed Type: Runner Bean 'Enorma' (Approx 25 Seeds)Seed Type: Runner Bean 'Scarlet Emperor' (Approx 25 Seeds)Seed Type: Sage (Approx 50 Seeds)
Seed Type: Shiso Purple Jekka'sSeed Type: Sorrel 'Red Veined' (Approx 100 Seeds)Seed Type: Soya Bean 'Fiskeby' (Approx 50 Seeds)Seed Type: Spinach 'America' (Approx 200 Seeds)
Seed Type: Spinach Beet 'Perpetual Spinach' (Approx 225 Seeds)Seed Type: Spinach 'Lazio' (Approx 225 Seeds)Seed Type: Spring Onion 'North Holland Blood Red' (Approx 250 Seeds)Seed Type: Spring Onion 'White Lisbon' (Approx 650 Seeds)
Seed Type: Spring Onion 'White Lisbon Winter Hardy' (Approx 350 Seeds)Seed Type: Squash 'Butternut Butterfly F1' Winter (Approx 8 Seeds)Seed Type: Squash 'Mashed Potato' JSeed Type: Sunflower 'Evening Sun' (Approx 20 Seeds)
Seed Type: Sunflower 'Giant Single' (Approx 50 Seeds)Seed Type: Sunflower Seeds 'Solar Power'  JSeed Type: Swede 'Best Of All' (Approx 300 Seeds)Seed Type: Sweetcorn 'Incredible F1' (Approx 25 Seeds)
Seed Type: Thyme  (Approx 600 Seeds)Seed Type: Tomato 'Alicante' MF (Approx 50 Seeds)Seed Type: Tomato 'Gardeners Delight' (Approx 40 Seeds)Seed Type: Tomato 'Gardener's Delight' MF (Approx 50 Seeds)
Seed Type: Tomato 'Moneymaker' (Approx 60 Seeds)Seed Type: Tomato 'Moneymaker' MF (Approx 50 Seeds)Seed Type: Tomato 'Red Cherry' (Approx 20 Seeds)Seed Type: Tomato 'Red Cherry' MF (Approx 50 Seeds)
Seed Type: Tomato 'Roma VF' (Approx 80 Seeds)Seed Type: Tomato 'Roma VF' MF (Approx 75 Seeds)Seed Type: Tomato 'Tigerella' (Approx 30 Seeds)Seed Type: Turnip 'Purple Top Milan' (Approx 1750 Seeds)
Seed Type: Turnip 'Snowball' (Approx 1000 Seeds)Seed Type: Watercress 'Aqua' (Approx 600 Seeds)Seed Type: Plant Support Clips (Pack Of 10)Seed Type: Seed Labels (Pack of 25)
Seed Type: Seed Labels (Pack of 50)Seed Type: Onion 'Bedfordshire Champion' MF (Approx 350 Seeds)Seed Type: Courgettes & Summer Squashes Collection MFSeed Type: Carrot 'Royal Chantenay 3' MF (Approx 1000 Seeds)
Seed Type: Lettuce 'Red & Green Salad Bowl' MF (Approx 1250 Seeds)Seed Type: Onion 'Bonus F1' (Approx 100 Seeds)Seed Type: Broccoli 'Raab' 60 Days MFSeed Type: Brussels Sprout 'Igor F1' RHS
Seed Type: Cabbage 'Langedijk 4' JSeed Type: Cabbage 'Offenham 2' JSeed Type: Lettuce 'Winter Density' MFSeed Type: Cucumber 'Telepathy F1' MF
Seed Type: French Bean Dwarf  'Amethyst' MF
Our Price:  £2.25(VAT Free)

Model:  CV100-CV809
Brand:  Country Value

Vegetable & Herb Seeds Collection by Country Value

A wide range of vegetable and herb seeds produced by Mr Fothergill's
and sold under the 'Country Value' brand.


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