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Ladies Full Slips With Adjustable Ribbon Straps

Ladies Full Slips With Adjustable Ribbon Straps
Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 10 (EU 38)Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 12 (EU 40)Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 14 (EU 42)Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 16 (EU 44)
Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 18 (EU 46)Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 20 (EU 48)Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 22 (EU 50)Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 24 (EU 52)
Main Colour: P501 - Black,  Size: UK 26 (EU 54)Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 10 (EU 38)Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 12 (EU 40)Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 14 (EU 42)
Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 16 (EU 44)Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 18 (EU 46)Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 20 (EU 48)Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 22 (EU 50)
Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 24 (EU 52)Main Colour: P501 - Cream,  Size: UK 26 (EU 54)Main Colour: P501 - White,  Size: UK 10 (EU 38)Main Colour: P501 - White,  Size: UK 12 (EU 40)
Main Colour: P501 - White,  Size: UK 14 (EU 42)Main Colour: P501 - White,  Size: UK 18 (EU 46)Main Colour: P501 - White,  Size: UK 20 (EU 48)Main Colour: P501 - White,  Size: UK 22 (EU 50)
Main Colour: P501 - White,  Size: UK 24 (EU 52)Main Colour: P501 - White,  Size: UK 26 (EU 54)
Our Price:  £9.95(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  P501-BLACK-10
Brand:  Marlon

Ladies Cling Resistant Full Slip

An attractive full slip, available in 3 colours. It has adjustable spaghetti straps and pretty lace trim to the chest and hem.

Side slit one side.

Length; 39" (this is approximate as the straps are adjustable)

100% Polyester

Machine Washable

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