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6 in1 Salad Seeds Collection by Speedy Seeds



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Model:  PL105
Brand:  Speedy Seed

Salad Vegetable Seed Collection by Speedy Seeds

This vegetable and salad seed collection offers a variety of options for gardeners of all levels.
It includes six different types of seeds, including tomato, cucumber, cress, spring onion, radish, and iceberg lettuce.
The seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and have a moderate watering requirement.
The collection is easy to grow and perfect for those interested in cultivating their own salad and vegetable gardens.
It is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh and healthy produce straight from their own garden.
With autumn, winter, summer, and spring varieties, this collection provides year-round options for the avid gardener.
Some that are grown indoors, can be grown all year round.
This Popular Seed Collection Contains;
Cucumber Seeds, Salad Tomato Seeds, Cress Seeds, Spring Onion Seeds, Radish Seeds and Lettuce Seeds.
Each variety is individually packed.

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