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Green Manure Seeds Spring - Summer Mix by Johnsons

Green Manure Seeds Spring - Summer Mix by Johnsons
 Green Manure Seeds Spring - Summer Mix by JohnsonsGreen Manure Seeds Spring - Summer Mix by Johnsons 
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Model:  GC743
Brand:  Johnsons Seeds

Green Manure Seeds Spring - Summer Mix by Johnsons

A great way to protect and improve your soil. A cover of green manure discourages the spread of weeds and
prevents soil from becoming lifeless and parched in hot summer weather.
Digging it in provides a wealth of important organic nutrients.

100g (covers 20 square metres).

Sow Outdoors; March to September, basically anytime that beds are empty or when there is an area of soil
that needs improving. For ease, broadcast the seed thinly over the prepared area and gently rake over.
Alternatively, sow thinly in narrow rows, about 15cm apart to increase coverage.
Cover lightly with fine soil and firm gently.

Care: Keep the soil moist. Late sowings can be allowed to die off with the frost, forming a good winter mulch.
This will help suppress weeds and reduce the leaching of nutrients from the soil.

Dig In: This should be done 2 to 3 months after sowing, but before the plants come into flower, whilst the
foliage is still lush and dense. Dig the plants into the soil 2 to 3 weeks before the ground is needed, chopping
up the organic matter with the spade as you dig.

Plants should not be allowed to set seed. Foliage can be mown to extend the cover period if required.

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