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White Lisbon Growing Instructions


Variety; White Lisbon                 Latin Name; Allium cepa

When To Sow;  

When grown under cloches, greenhouse or in a poly-tunnel they can be planted as early
as the middle / end of February providing it is not too cold. Obviously, this will vary year to year,
not to mention where in the UK you live, the altitude and how sheltered your garden is,
so some common sense will need to be applied. 

If grown without protection, they can be sown from late March until the end of July,
though early sowings may need protection against hard frosts. 

Where To Sow; 

Sow thinly where they are to crop, about ½" (1.5cm) deep in finely prepared soil. Make sure and
water the area prior to planting. 
If planting in rows, these should be approximately 6” (15cm) apart. 

Make sure that the soil is kept moist. If you let the soil dry out, this can delay or prevent successful germination. 

Seedlings will normally appear in 14 to 21 days, though this can be extended if the soil temperature is too cold. 

There is no need to thin them out and keep the soil weed free. Water well during dry periods. 


Don’t sow too many at once. Once your first batch are about 4” (10cm) tall, sow your next batch
and then another batch every 3 weeks or so. This will give you a constant supply throughout the growing season. 

Spring onions are a good growing companion for carrots, as this helps prevent the carrots from being attacked by carrot fly.
So growing them side by side is a wise idea.